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2021 AUGUST Public online AGM Meeting

18:30 - 19:30 WedNESDAY, 11 AUGUST 2021



2021 March Public online Meeting

18:30 - 19:30 WedNESDAY, 10 March 2021

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Title: CTwithPH SNP Public Meeting

Time: 10 Mar 2021 18:30:00

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... and, thank you ! to the metropolitan police, also keeping us safe through it all

From the Camden Town with Primrose Hill Panel & Community


WITH THe ONGOING health crises, we will continue to abstain from PHYSICAL Meetings until THE VACCINATION SUMMIT CAN BE reached, WHICH is LOOKing like it could be later THIS YEAR

Thankfully we have this website and twitter to keep the information flowing plus online video meetings, the first of which is proposed:

Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward Coronavirus / covid 19 WhatsApp Group

Here are some Coronavirus (COVID 19) links for information and support

Council web page: Click here to link to Camden Council Coronavirus (COVID 19) advice

Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward Coronavirus WhatsApp Group created by Camden Councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli

If you wish to invite people this is the link for Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward WhatsApp group:

This is the official Coronavirus WhatsApp Group doc - shared on the WhatsApp group to be in touch: Click here to link to shared Google document

CANCELLED - 2020 March Public Meeting - New Date - Wednesday 18th March 2020 - CANCELLED

18:30 - 19:30 Wed, 18 March 2020

The Pirate Castle, 33 Oval Road, London NW1 7EA

Please join us, all welcome

2020 March 4th announcement -

NEXT Public Meeting was going to be > 11 March 2020 - sorry It haD to be Cancelled / deferred - new date above


Ward panel focus

As Safer Neighbourhood (SN) teams engage with communities, through various methods such as meetings, the teams will gain an insight into the local community’s crime and disorder concerns. In order to ensure that the work of each SN team is focussed on resolving these problems, each SN team requires a process to involve local people to decide promises for them to work on.