Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward

SNT - Safer Neighbourhoods TEAM

Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward Team -

Central North Neighbourhood Policing Team

PS Jonathan Adams

DWO PC Sophie Persaud

DWO PC Thomas Ritchie

DWO PC Isobel Wood

DWO PCSO Delfina Ricoy Martinez

A/ = ActingA/PS = Acting Police SergeantPolice Sergeant is often abbreviated to PSPC is an abbreviation for 'Police Constable'DWO = Dedicated Ward OfficerPCSO = Police Community Support Officer
THE POLICE - FORMS OF ADDRESS - Debrett’s website with further info

SNP - Safer Neighbourhood Panel

Chair - Mark Neal

Vice Chair - Simon Pitkeathley

Secretary - vacant

Panel Members

SNT Sergeant - Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward Sergeant

Judith Clute - Camden High Street / Inverness Street Residents

Mark Neal - TRACT / Gilbeys Yard / Camden Goods Yard

Simon Pitkeathley - Camden Town Unlimited / Camden Highline

Ali Chiu - Parkway Residents

William Miller - Gloucester Crescent / Regent's Park Terrace Residents

Eleanor Sturdy - Primrose Hill

Breege Diver - Clarence Way Estate TMO Chair

Councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli - Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward

Roy Walker - Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board Chair

Tony Dunne - Clarence Way Estate