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11 November 2019

"The estate continues to be perceived by residents as very low down on the police priority list. The open dealing by our residents hall, Farrier street entrance and Castle Place continue unabated. We have residents who have just given up on calling the police and hide behind closed doors terrified.

On the occasional visit by the police they continue to gravitate to one particularly address to get given what residents believe to be misleading information and to be sent on wild goose chase that directs them away from the real perpetrators.

Our Estate manager erected a gate to keep out the vehicles that deliver the drugs to the dealers just to have it vandalised within hours of it being closed. I have attached a photo of the gate and an email from a very concerned resident that shows the total disconnect that the residents feel they have from the team.

We continue to champion the “Call 999 and email Dave Hodges” mantra

But it is starting to fall on deaf ears.

We, as always, would like our estate to be patrolled more, rather than stopping by for coffee with their friend on the Estate."

Evidence 1

"I am dealing with people kicking my door in the evenings at all different times of the night.

This has been happening for near on 8 weeks now and is becoming very distressing.

This is due to me confronting various groups sitting outside my front door and on the stairwells smoking drugs and drinking at all hours off the night and different days off the week.

I have asked them to move on and leave the block various times over the years which is now causing me alot off issues.

They have also been jarring the block doors open so they can come and go and get back in without a fob.

I'm feeling very intimidated and dont really like leaving my flat in the evenings incase a confrontation starts whilst with my 3 children under 6 years old.

When they kick my door it frightens the life out off all off us I have also had to turn my buzzer off in the evenings as they buzz my door late in the night.

I wish I had never said anything now as its causing alot off anxiety and stress for me and my kids.

I have no idea who the boys/girls are, or if they even live on the estate from one of the other blocks.

My 6 year old daughter suffers with severe anxiety and has been under the camden adolescent mental health services for nearly 2 years now where she attends weekly 1 to 1 sessions with phscotherapist to help manage.

Her safe place has always been home but has now become a scary place for her.

Please advise on what I can do about this situation, I was hoping it would just blow over but I feel it's making life very difficult for us and my daughters health is now suffering.

The security team have been present a few times but they all just run to top off the block and across the landings plus they know it's me probably reporting it causing me more drama."


Evidence 2

Kind regards

Tony Dunne.

Chair Clarence Way Management Organisation

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