Regents Canal

Regents Canal

"Homes terrorised by ASB on the unregulated towpath at the 4th busiest tourist area in UK"

Camden Lock Canal Watch

The Henson Building, along with neighbouring canalside buildings, Gilbey House, Iceworks and Lock House that amount to hundreds of homes, that suffer terrible disturbance from anti social behaviour on the towpath and from boats that moor here next to so many residential buildings, ignoring the clearly marked designation of "NO MOORING" by the landowners, The Canal & River Trust, who we continue to report our suffering to, as well as Camden Council and the Metropolitan Police, yet it continues.

This area is a designated Controlled Drinking Zone because of excess licensing and street drinking that frequently descends into anti social, violent and criminal behaviour right under so many homes.

The community spirit is destroyed by the lack of safety and crime thrives here as a consequence.

Good neighbours move away, if they can, because this environment is unbearable, especially toxic in the warm dry weather, but those who own their homes don't have the choice that renting neighbours have, to move away and none should have to.

Regents Canal Oval Road Bridge Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp group

Residents in these buildings have setup a Regents Canal Oval Road Bridge Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp group to document and report these issues through proper channels

Sunday 28th June 2020

Taken by a mum whilst caring for her baby at home, another example of the persistent anti social activity on this stretch of towpath. On Canal & River Trust land depriving neighbouring residents the legal right to the quiet enjoyment of their homes, and endangering the public walking on the towpath also, as they are made to squeeze past them, by stepping over a mooring post on the edge of the canal

Regents Canal Oval Road Bridge to Camden Lock footbridge needs gating off at night to protect these homes

Just like the boat homes have gated off stretches at night, we need this for hundreds of homes to be protected from the 4th busiest tourist area in UK

Ali Sadek, 26, of no fixed address.

22 June, 2020

Man convicted of ‘depraved’ sexual assaults along Regent’s Canal

Detectives are encouraging further victims to come forward

A MAN who targeted lone women along Regent’s Canal has been convicted of five sexual offences.

Ali Sadek, 26, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Friday, June 19, to two counts of sexual assault by touching, three counts of exposure and one count of possession of cannabis.

His actions were described as “depraved” and officers said he lacked remorse and smirked throughout being interviewed during which he gave ‘no comment’ answers

Detectives on the case fear he may have had more victims and are appealing for anyone affected to come forward.

Sadek admitted that on separate occasions between Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 13 he approached three women, exposing himself before sexually assaulting them.

The incidents took place along a less than half a mile stretch of canal between St Mark’s Church and The Pirate Castle.

All three women gave detailed statements and police managed to link the offences and launched an investigation, carrying out urgent forensic work and CCTV inquiries which led to Sadek being identified.

Sadek was arrested on Wednesday and after a search was found to be carrying an amount of cannabis.

Detective Sergeant Natalie O’Farrell said: “His victims have been left incredibly shaken by these incidents and fearful of going out alone. We can only be grateful that he pleaded guilty, sparing them added distress.

“I have no doubt that his offending would have continued had he not been caught and suspect he may well have committed other offences. As such I would appeal to any further victims to come forward by calling 101, quoting Op Chino.”