2022 July Public online AGM Meeting

18:30 - 19:30 WedNESDAY, 20 JULY 2022 - TBC

Camden set for new electoral wards in 2022

Our Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward is one of the few wards being separated into a "Camden Town" and a "Primrose Hill" ward

The following is quoted from the Camden Council web page on this:

"The number of electoral wards and councillors in Camden is set to increase ahead of the 2022 local elections.

Following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission, all but one of the current council wards in Camden will change.

The number of electoral wards in Camden will increase from 18 to 20 while the number of councillors will increase from 54 to 55.

15 wards will be represented by three councillors and five wards will be represented by two.

The Commission has made these recommendations so that all councillors represent about the same number of residents.

Consultation on these changes was held between November 2018 and September 2019. Residents, disability groups and local stakeholders as well as Camden’s MPs, Councillors and political parties were all asked for their views.

The last electoral ward review in Camden took place in 1999.

Parliament agreed the changes on 12 October 2020 and they will formally take effect from 1 December, 2021 when the Electoral Register is updated. The first election thereafter will be the local council elections on 5 May, 2022.

In preparation for the changes, the council has undertaken a review of its polling districts and polling stations within the new wards.

Registered electors will receive a letter from the Council in January 2022 confirming their voter registration, electoral ward, polling district and local polling station"

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WITH THe ONGOING health crises, we will continue to abstain from PHYSICAL Meetings until THE VACCINATION SUMMIT CAN BE reached, WHICH is LOOKing like it could be later THIS YEAR

Thankfully we have this website and twitter to keep the information flowing plus online Microsoft Teams video meetings

Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward Coronavirus / covid 19 WhatsApp Group

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CANCELLED - 2020 March Public Meeting - New Date - Wednesday 18th March 2020 - CANCELLED

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The Pirate Castle, 33 Oval Road, London NW1 7EA

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Crime Stats for Camden Town with Primrose Hill

November 2019

Our Vice Chair Simon Pitkeathley on Recent Camden Events ‘We stand together’

September 2019

Our CTwithPHSNP Vice Chair, @pitkeathley, addresses recent events in #Camden: 'we - citizens, businesses and local authorities - will pull through together, as we have done before'.

CNJ report - Police are cleaning up Camden Town

March 2019

Sgt Dave Hodges: "Closing shops that glamorise drugs is a new tactic to show Camden Town is not drug friendly"

CNJ report - Police are cleaning up Camden Town

"Thank you to our great Safer Neighbourhood Team @MPSCamandPrim with Sgt Hodges for responding so well to the priorities that we established with you to tackle ASB from drugs and alcohol on our ward, please keep going, this area has been abused for too long." @CTwithPHSNP

As one of our panel members said on Twitter "These kinds of shops are where the problem starts and the police are taking a pro-active approach to nipping things in the bud before they grow into bigger problems" @WilliamRMiller

This follows Operation Atlas in October 2018 with "Eighteen arrested in wave of early-morning raids linked to drug dealing and violence in Camden Town"

"#ProjectAtlas was a long term operation to target drug dealers and those who use violence in #CamdenTown. Total arrests, over the past two days, now stand at 39. We will never tolerate drug dealing. If you are a drug dealer and think you are getting away with it. You're not!" Camden Police @MPSCamden Oct 19, 2018

New SEASON, New Sergeant

October 2018

Please welcome Sergeant Dave Hodges as the new Sergeant for Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward as well as Regents Park Ward from November 5th 2018

Sergeant Hodges comes from the Holborn and Covent Garden Ward and Bloomsbury Ward, so he knows the borough and night time economy well

Best wishes and big thanks to Sergeant Barry Macinnes our outgoing Neighbourhood Team Sergeant since January 2018

Invitation below to a public meeting with the new team on the sergeant's first week in position...

Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward

Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team

from Sergeant Dave Hodges

Public meeting 8th November 2018

I'd like to invite you all to a public meeting on the 8th November at Clarence Way Hall, Bradfield Ct, Clarence Way Estate, NW1 7NN at 6.30pm

This is my opportunity to meet you all and introduce you to your new ward team and I who are starting on 5th November.

I would imagine the meeting will last no more than 90 minutes..... It would be great to meet you all and find out first hand the issues that are affecting you and how we can help you moving forward.

Posted on Nextdoor Tuesday 16th October 15:00

Operation Atlas

October 2018


Build on the gains to clean up Camden Town

25 October, 2018

• AT Camden Town Unlimited we are delighted by the recent spate of arrests for drug-related activity in Camden Town and congratulate the police and council for their sterling work.

The next stage of the process needs to include continued presence and enforcement in the town centre to ensure these important gains are built upon and that we do not cede the ground back to those unwanted elements.

On behalf of the business community, we will continue to fund both police officers (along with LabTech) and security wardens in order to provide visible deterrents.

In an age of drastic public sector cuts, the business community is having to fill gaps that would previously have been filled by normal taxation. In a time of huge increases in business rates and the late-night levy, we do so reluctantly but accept the situation.

What we need now is a genuine, joined-up, approach to enforcement (including pavement encroachment and planning enforcement of things like light-permitting high street shutters) in order to ensure that these gains are reinforced and that we can return Camden Town to a cleaner state.

For when most people hear the name Camden they think of Camden Town. Its condition determines how the borough is seen by the world.


Chief Executive

Camden Town Unlimited

Bobbies need to be seen

25 October, 2018

• AMAZINGLY Chris Fagg of Camden’s Safer Neighbourhood Board failed to mention anything about his beloved Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, (The situation on Camden streets is bad and getting worse, October 18).

Ten years ago they had two constables and three police community support officers for each team, but now they are reduced to two constables.

There are two SNTs sharing responsibility for Camden High Street and, as they are based nearby, they could pool their resources and have a co-ordinated approach to community policing.

They cannot always be proactive with nuisance begging as they sometimes have to target the drug dealers who provide crack cocaine to homeless beggars.

The era of “bobbies on the beat” is at an end, police chiefs declare, according to the Daily Telegraph back in 2015. Why at an end?

It was the specific lack of visible policing since 2012 which has resulted in knife crime hitting a record high, and the homicide rate in England and Wales to reach the highest level since 2008.

Sex crimes, burglary and robberies have rocketed too. You don’t have to be a genius to know that if you don’t have properly resourced and efficiently managed police forces it can lead to anarchy in the UK.


Mornington Crescent, NW1


James Redmond2 hours ago

Incidentally, the Metropolitan Police have 31,075 officers, although not all are available for duties.

They had 33,260 in 2010 and 32,125 in 2016.

Bobbies on the beat may be a thing of the past, but the future must be cops with bicycles.

Bike cops need to be used in standard beat/patrol work, as well as responding to drug trafficking, anti-social behaviour, other street crime and major incidents.

So police foot patrols are at a disadvantage given that the "tsunami" of street criminals are more mobile these days.


The situation on Camden streets is bad and getting worse

18 October, 2018

‘Many residents and businesses welcome the planned closure of the Camden High Street market’

• A LONG hot summer in Camden Town has seen little improvement in relentless, in-your-face, drug dealing, aggressive begging, rough sleeping, obstructive pavement clutter and windblown drifts of litter – according to residents and businesses who contribute to the monthly Camden Community Safety Partnership meeting, which I attend on behalf of the Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board.

Meanwhile in the face of council and police cuts, businesses are paying hundreds of thousands of pounds per year for private security wardens (who inevitably lack the wide legal powers of the police) in an effort to keep dealers and beggars at bay.

One positive development: many residents and businesses welcome the planned closure of the Camden High Street market on Buck Street, which, it is claimed, has consistently provided cover for street drug dealers.

A visit last Saturday afternoon highlighted the issues – Camden High Street on a warm afternoon reeling under the crush of visitors, parading four or five abreast, with pavement obstruction by traders extending their displays over two metres beyond the permitted limit, and reducing the surging crowds to single file between Hawley Crescent and the canal bridge.

I watched pedestrians stepping into the road in order to bypass the congestion caused. No police or council presence was visible. By 7pm the shops are shut and Camden Town, along with the rest of the borough, is given over to Camden’s much-vaunted night-time economy.

Despite heavy council investment in uri-lifts, the spectacle of public urination in the late evening / early hours remains an unsavoury concern for residents, along with epic quantities of litter.

At the same time, Transport for London staff at Camden Town tube struggle to cope with late-night anti-social behaviour outside and inside the station. Elsewhere, in Seven Dials and Covent Garden, residents report rough sleeping and heroin addiction dominating the night hours.

The two hard-working police teams tasked to police the night-time economy, and paid for by the late-night levy imposed on pubs and clubs, have to cover the whole borough, all 24 square miles of it, three nights a week between 9pm and 4am. It’s not enough.

These are uncomfortable truths which must be faced. With winter on the way, the hope is that improvements will be made over coming months, and will be duly praised – but right now, Camden Council and central north police have to understand the situation is bad, and getting worse.



Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board


Help in the fight against cybercrime

11 October, 2018

• THE number of cybercrimes that happened in Camden last year was staggering:

• 1,642 reports of fraud and cybercrime;

• from which a total of £15,013,442 was lost;

• average amount lost per report was £9,143.

On Saturday Camden Neighbourhood Watch held an event at the Friends House in Euston with guest speakers from the Met including an expert from Falcon (Fraud & Linked Crime Online, Organised Crime Command). Advice was given on the steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of fraud and cybercrime.

Going forward, Camden Neighbourhood Watch will be circulating monthly emails that will include details on the current cybercrimes occurring in the borough and crime prevention advice to combat them.

If you would like to be included in this email with your name and postal address (so you can be put on the correct distribution list). Please encourage your friends and neighbours to sign up.

If every person told three people about this project we could really scale things up to increase universal knowledge about the scam methods used and, in turn, bring down the number of victims of these awful crimes.

The monthly emails will include details of future talks where everyone is most welcome.


Chair, Camden Neighbourhood Watch Association


Neighbourhood watch folk will be especially grateful for this, as we have clocked over an hour queuing to report a single instance of anti social behaviour in a neighbourhood and sometimes you just can't face that queue. Having tried this online reporting a few times now, I will say that it is a blessing, with proper follow up by email with references and you can even receive a phone call at the time if your issue is interceptable and they have the resources, all whilst you get on with your life, bravo to the Met for this initiative


Community feedback is vital in fighting drug dealing and anti-social behaviour

04 October, 2018

• AT a joint meeting with Haverstock and Gospel Oak wards at the Queen’s Crescent Community Association (QCCA), Safer Neighbourhoods police and Camden community safety officers made it clear just how vital community information and feedback can be in reducing inner-city problems such as anti-social behaviour and drug dealing.

Despite the known cuts to police resources, the point was made that it has never been easier to find out online about policing in one’s area, to meet police at regular face-to-face contact sessions or to contact the Camden Community Safety partnership.

All residents have to do to find out about local police is to follow the link and put in their postcode. For many other local concerns it makes sense to email Camden Community Safety direct at

The same joint meeting saw a copy of Sir Keir Starmer’s hugely impressive Youth Safety Taskforce report, to which Gospel Oak’s Foyezeur Miah, chief executive of QCCA, is a key contributor, reflecting Gospel Oak’s long record of support to young people.


Chair Gospel Oak Safer Neighbourhood Panel

Vice-Chair Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board

Camden Towns need for Public toilets

July 2018

Sunday, July 29th 2018


Developers urged to pay for new facilities

27 July, 2018 — By William McLennan

PROPERTY developers in control of swathes of Camden Town should pay for festival-style toilets to be deployed every weekend to end the scourge of public urination.

This is the call from residents’ groups who say they are fed-up of drunken revellers relieving themselves in side streets around NW1.

Chris Fagg, vice-chairman of the police liaison group Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board, said: “We have the extraordinary situation of billionaire property developers and music promoters making millions out of the area while the streets are allowed to become a public toilet in the early hours of the morning.”

Billionaire investor Teddy Sagi’s firm Lab Tech has been buying large chunks of Camden Town since 2014, bringing different market areas under single ownership for the first time.

Mr Fagg said: “Isn’t it time Camden shamed Camden Town property developers into paying up for a number of trailer-mounted loo suites of the sort seen at open-air events to be sited around the area at weekends? With users paying a charge via contactless cards these could even be self-financing.”

Pat Thomas, chairwoman of the Harmood Clarence Hartland Residents Association – a collection of streets off Chalk Farm Road – said she backed the proposals. Members of the association routinely oppose new applications for late-night venues, with examples of their objections including streets being “adorned with vomit” and “our children [having to] walk past men urinating next to their homes in the early evening”.

Four “urilift” urinals, which rise from the pavement in the evening, have been installed. The pop-up urinal in Inverness Street was said by the council to be the second-most used in Europe, with 500 visits per week detected by a sensor. But Mr Fagg said they were “ludicrously inadequate for the footfall in Camden Town”, which regularly tops 150,000 on each day of the weekend.

Mark Neal, chairman of the Camden Town with Primrose Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel, said public urination was the “stinky byproduct of a much wider issue” which saw volunteer residents come up against well-paid licensing lawyers as they attempt to limit the number of late-night venues in the area.

Community safety chief, Councillor Nadia Shah, said the council’s levy on late-opening venues would help pay for new facilities. “We provide a number of temporary urinals in known hotspots in Camden on busy nights – as well as our permanent pop-up urinals in key locations,” she said.

A spokesman for Camden Market said: “We liaise with residents regularly and understand their concerns. We currently have four blocks of toilets across Camden Market, one of which was opened last summer in the North Yard of Stables Market, and we ensure that those toilets nearest to night-time venues are open for use until late night.”


26 July, 2018

• EVERY weekend, day and night, up to 150,000 visitors throng Camden Town, patronising the dozens of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants in the 1.5miles between Chalk Farm tube and Mornington Crescent.

Much alcohol is consumed, and the results have to go somewhere. Queues build up at pub and bar loos and towards the end of the evening those in need inevitably seek relief elsewhere, often in the residental streets running off Camden High Street.

After years of complaints by residents about public urination (and worse), Camden Council has installed, at great expense, three urilifts, which rise majestically from the nether regions during evening hours. In response to further complaints a plastic receptacle (usually blocked with rubbish) was attached to the wall by Morrisons’s petrol station.

Despite this investment four facilities are plainly ludicrously inadequate for the footfall in Camden Town (the public toilets at Camden Town tube are, of course, shut overnight).

We have the extraordinary situation of billionaire property developers and music promoters making millions out of the area while the streets are allowed to become a public toilet in the early hours.

Licensees already pay a late-night levy which allows (just) for policing the borough’s night-time economy.

Isn’t it time Camden shamed Camden Town property developers into paying up for a number of trailer-mounted loo suites, of the sort seen at open-air events, to be sited around the area at weekends? With users paying a charge via contactless cards these could even be self-financing.

For five years Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board has supported pressure from residents/council tax payers, who quite reasonably never expected their area to become a 24/7 free-fire zone, or turn into Europe’s most famous drugs market.

More recently, the Camden Town night-time economy has shown certain encouraging signs of becoming a better neighbour. It’s only right that civilised toilet facilities should be part of this.


Vice-Chair Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board


Friday 6th July 2018

We have a new Panel Chair, for the first time in 12 years, since the Panel's inception in 2006, our dedicated and hard working business and residential neighbour Roy Walker has stepped aside, for a well deserved break, which we hope will support his ongoing borough-wide community safety work as Chair of the Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board, and Mark Neal will be this years Chair of CTwithPHSNP. THANK YOU ROY FOR AN ASTOUNDING 12 YEARS OF NON STOP COMMUNITY SERVICE and thank you for staying with us as a panel member, your experience and input is highly valued.

Mark Neal passes the Vice Chair to Simon Pitkeathley of Camden Town Unlimited (CTU), who has been doing so much to supplement the under resourced Police in Camden Town with Primrose Hill, spearheading the business funding of 3 additional Dedicated Ward Officers (DWO) to our ward this year for his BID business members. These 3 extra funded DWO's will concentrate on the business areas, alongside a private team of "Community Wardens" based from his Camden Collective Buck Street base. This should, in theory, free our allocated 4 DWO PC's and 1 DWO PCSO to concentrate on the residential areas that are in so much need of visible presence. He is also the man behind the push for the Camden Highline, do follow that and support another of his environmental improvements in our ward. Then there is also the clean up work that CTU has been involved with along, the Regents Canal from Camden Town to Kings Cross, making that towpath clearer and safer which you can follow on his own Twitter account and his CTU Twitter account.

We have two new Panel Members to announce, Fraser Valdez London Borough of Camden, Senior Area Monitoring Officer, Place Management and Paul Adams Camden Town Underground Station Customer Service Manager. A warm welcome to them. We think that as boots on the ground service providers, they can help us to clarify situations on our streets and help us support our very stretched Police Safer Neighbourhood Team by sharing suggestions for solutions to the problems this varied and colourful ward has to manage that hopefully don't just pile more responsibility onto the Police.

Our plan is for the next public meeting to be in November, please watch the CTwithPHSNP Meetings page and Twitter account for more updates.

Thank you to all who came on Wednesday evening and created such a positive and dynamic AGM Meeting, see you at the next one.

Camden Town with Primrose Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel AGM Meeting 2018 poster
June 2018 - Camden Town with Primrose Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel AGM Meeting July 4th 2018 poster
Camden Town with Primrose Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel AGM Meeting 2018 poster
June 2018 - Camden Town with Primrose Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel AGM Meeting July 4th 2018 poster

Meet the New Safer Neighbourhood team for camden town with primrose hill ward

February 2018
  • Police Sergeant - Barry Macinnes

  • Police Constable - Laurence Lomasney

  • Police Constable - James Plumridge

  • Police Constable - Julia Ryland

New Year, New Sergeant

January 2018

Please welcome Barry MacInnes as the new Sergeant for Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward as well as Regents Park Ward from January 2nd 2018, all based in Greenland Road.

Sgt MacInnes comes from the Camden Central Police Team, so he knows what he's in for!

Best wishes to Sergeant Nick Clarke our out going Neighbourhood Team Sergeant

Simon Pitkeathley of Camden Town Unlimited joins the panel

November 2017

We are happy to welcome Simon on to our panel. See some of his work on his Twitter account and the CTU account.

Camden Central Police Team

October 2017

As of August 1st 2017 the Camden Council funding for the Camden Central Police Team stopped. This team will become the Late Night Levy Police Team covering the whole borough